SeroLube Provides Eye Serum in Moments

SeroLube product provides a solution to the lengthy process of creating blood serum and gives veterinarians an effective means of treating difficult eye conditions in moments.

The Product

SeroLube is a frozen blood serum that can be used as a natural lubricant on a variety of companion animal eye disorders. The anti-inflammatory properties and anti-collagenases in SeroLube mitigate corneal degradation in certain ulcers and stabilize the cornea scaffolding and framework. Blood serum eye drops are a beneficial part of treating other inflammatory conditions such as indolent ulcers, corneal trauma, allergic conjunctivitis, KCS (dry eye), and post operative care.

SeroLube comes in an easy-to-use 5mL eye dropper that can be sent home with the pet owner. SeroLube contains epithelium promoting growth factors, immunoglobulins, vitamin A, fibronectins, and anti-inflammatory mediators to provide a natural well tolerated treatment option.

Making autologous blood serum can take 40 to 50 minutes from start to finish. This can be a costly process when considering the time and labor involved in preparing dispensable serum while maintaining sterility. With SeroLube, you can provide the best treatment option to your patients while focusing your time and resources on patient care.

*SeroLube is manufactured in a cGMP/ISO 13485 certified facility

* 5mL vials contain 3.5mL of frozen plasma serum

*18 month shelf life stored <14F (-10C)

*Available in 12 unit cases

*Made in the USA

*Vials cleaned before fill

*No mold-release utilized in manufacturing